“From the first time I used this moisturiser I saw the difference in my skin. My skin no longer feels dry and itchy compared to when using other moisturisers. It is more luminous and hydrated and it lasts for the whole day.”

“I recently had an allergic reaction to my regular anti-ageing moisturiser which left my skin itchy, sensitive and blotchy. This product calmed my skin, reduced the redness and blotches and relieved the itchy sensation within 48 hours of first use.”

“I loved this moisturiser. I have very dry skin and whenever I use creams and moisturisers they usually make my skin feel itchy. But this one, after first use, I could see results. My skin is now very soft, even and not flaky anymore. I like the texture as it is not greasy and absorbs very quickly. I don’t feel that tightness and dryness in my skin anymore.”

“It is light and sinks into my skin quickly without leaving it greasy or tacky so I was able to wear it under my make-up every day. My rosacea is greatly reduced, especially on my chin which I normally have to give a lot of attention to when applying foundation to cover it. A persistent dry patch on my face has also cleared up, as have patches of psoriasis on my neck. I cannot believe how effective it is in just a short space of time.”

“It has made a massive different to my skin in a week. My skin is clearer, calmer and more hydrated. I love this product and need it in my life. Thank you.”

“It has left my face feeling so smooth and completely flake-free. I am extremely happy with this moisturiser and how my skin is looking and feeling after just 7 days use.”

“The effects lasted a long time. Sometimes you put on moisturiser and 30 minutes later your skin feels dry again but the effects of the NEUÚ moisturiser lasted for about 12 hours. You didn’t need to use very much either, a little bit went a long way.”

“Weirdly I liked the seaweed smell. I also thought it felt very nourishing and natural when I put it on my skin. It has improved the appearance of my skin in just a few days and has eradicated a few spots of very dry skin.”

“Easily absorbed in areas of dry skin. Areas of redness are less red. I also like the pale green colour of the cream, it makes me feel that it really does contain seaweed extract.”

“A little went a long way. It doesn’t feel greasy on the skin and sinks in very well. Really moisturised my skin and made it feel soft and look refreshed, and it lasted all day long.”

“I had patches of eczema on my eyelids which have cleared up since using this product.”

“A little goes a long way, very easily absorbed and leaves my skin with a comfortable and refreshed feeling all day long, it has also reduced redness noticeably.”