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Product Information

Are NEUÚ products natural?

Our products are at minimum 95% natural and rely on high quality skin-friendly ingredients that are natural or of natural origin by definition. Preservatives are the only non-natural ingredients we put in our products and these are only ever included at the lowest recommended level to protect efficacy and maintain shelf life once opened. We are currently investigating 100% natural preservative alternatives for our products. To find out more about the ingredients in each product please refer to the product description beside each product in our Shop page.

Are NEUÚ products certified organic?

Our products are not certified as organic. We use ingredients that are natural or of natural origin by definition, some of which are organic (our marine macro algae for example) while some are not. We are respectful of the benefits that organic and natural plant-based products have for the skin. We also appreciate the results that science can deliver and accordingly strive to incorporate a balance of high-quality, scientifically validated skin-friendly ingredients in our products in order to perform specific functions.

Are NEUÚ products tested on animals?

NEUÚ products and ingredients are never tested on animals. All NEUÚ products are plant-based and are cruelty free.

Where are NEUÚ products made?

NEUÚ products are all developed and manufactured in Ireland.

What skin types are NEUÚ products formulated for?

NEUÚ products provide intense hydrating & soothing benefits for all skin types. Due to their marine algae lipid component, NEUÚ products are especially effective for dry, irritable and sensitive skin.

Who are NEUÚ products suitable for?

NEUÚ products are suitable for all ages, all genders and all skin types.

Do you provide product samples?

In order to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we possibly can, we do not produce individual product samples and we hope you understand that this is for a good reason. Instead, we offer all of our customers a 90-day money back guarantee in the event you find that NEUÚ products are not working for your skin. Please see Exchanges & Refunds for details.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

In an independent product home-use trial consisting of 300 female participants who frequently suffer with dry, sensitive and/or generally problematic skin, 87% of participants reported visible improvements to the appearance of their skin after using NEUÚ products for less than 7 days. Please note that individual results may vary.

Are NEUÚ products non-comedogenic?

Yes, all NEUÚ products are formulated to be non-comedogenic.

Are NEUÚ products paraben free?

Yes, all NEUÚ products are formulated without parabens. Our products are also formulated without mineral oils, petrolatums, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA, TEA, phthalates, silicones, SLES/SLS.

Are NEUÚ products hypoallergenic?

Yes, NEUÚ products are formulated to be hypoallergenic.

Are all NEUÚ products formulated with NEUÚ’S patented marine algae extract?

Yes, all NEUÚ products are formulated with our patented marine algae extract which is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and irritation and is included at levels which meet or exceed the clinically proven levels to achieve desired results.

Do NEUÚ products contain fragrances?

No, to maintain the intense benefit of our marine algae lipid extract, NEUÚ products are not bleached or chemically scented, thus maintaining their natural colour and the scent of seaweed – our hero ingredient!

Order Issues

Why do I need to provide my phone number to place an order?

We require a phone number in the event we need to contact you regarding your order and to ensure our courier partners are able to contact you should they need additional information to deliver your order.

How do I use my discount code?

You can add your discount code into the accompanying box at the shipping method page when you are placing an order online.

Why is my discount code not working?

Discount codes are typically one per person (unless stated otherwise) so if you have used a code already you will not be able to re-use it. There is also a limit of one discount code per order so if you have already applied a discount code to your order, you will not be able to avail of another offer on that same order.

I forgot to add my discount code, can I apply it after placing my order?

If you did not apply your discount code during checkout then unfortunately there is no way to add it to your order subsequently. If the code has not expired when placing your next order, you can use the code then.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit/credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) as well as Paypal, Apple Pay and Stripe.

Is my transaction secure?

When purchasing on our website you can be assured your payment through credit/debit card, Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay is safe and secure. Your credit card details are secured by SSL-encrypted technology and will never be stored online without your permission.

What can I do if my payment is declined?

If your payment has been declined, please contact your bank or payment provider for support or try another payment method.

What happens if the order I received doesn't match the one I placed.

If your order has been incorrectly fulfilled, please email including details and your order number. We will work to resolve the issue without delay.

What can I do if I haven't received my order yet?

If you haven't received your order, please check delivery status directly with the courier company using the tracking number provided in your order confirmation email. Alternatively you can email including your order number and we will check status with the courier company for you.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Ireland within 1 business day. We offer same day dispatch for orders placed before 12pm. During busy periods it may take a little longer to dispatch your order.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship within Ireland, to Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Can I have my order delivered to an address other than my home address?

Yes if within Ireland, Northern Ireland or United Kingdom. Just provide a ship to address (under Shipping Address) as well as your billing address when placing your order.

Which carriers do you use?

Our courier partners for deliveries are Fastway Couriers and UPS.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

Within Ireland, FREE shipping applies to orders over €50 while a shipping charge of €4.95 applies on all orders under €50. For Northern Ireland & UK, FREE shipping applies to orders over €70 while a shipping charge of €7.95 applies on all orders under €70. We do not currently ship outside of Ireland, Northern Ireland & the United Kingdom. Please note that you are responsible for any customs charges related to your shipment if these apply.

How will I know that my order has gone through?

All NEUÚ orders are confirmed via email with your order number and confirmation of order details. To make sure you receive your order confirmation email please add to your address book and/or check your spam folder in case the email is accidentally filtered as spam.

How will I know that my order has shipped?

You will receive an email when your order leaves our warehouse. This email confirmation includes a tracking number and shipping provider so that you can track your order to your door. To make sure you receive your shipping status email please add to your address book and/or check your spam folder in case the email is accidentally filtered as spam.

Can I track my order?

Yes, use the tracking code supplied in your shipping status email to track your order directly with our courier partner.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All deliveries are by courier. Delivery within IRE usually takes 2 working days and delivery to Northern Ireland & United Kingdom usually takes 4-5 working days. Please use the tracking code provided in your shipment confirmation email to track order status.

My order has arrived damaged, what are my options?

If your order has arrived damaged please email within 10 days of receipt detailing the issue and your order number. We will guide you through the returns process and work to resolve the issue by offering an exchange or refund without delay.

Exchanges & Refunds

What is NEUÚ's return and refund policy?

We have a 90-day return and refund policy. We understand how tricky it can be to find products that work for your skin and we want to ensure you are 100% satisfied that your purchase is right for you. In the event you find our product(s) is/are not working for your skin just email quoting your order number and stating the product(s) you wish to return for a refund. We will issue you with our returns form and details of how to return your products for a refund. Note if your product arrives damaged this is a different issue and in such case you should notify us within 10 days of receipt to quoting your order number and providing details of the issue. Please be assured that we will always aim to address any customer issues in a timely and fair manner.

Will I get a refund for my delivery charge when I return my item?

Refunds apply to the product purchase price only, delivery charges are not refunded

How do I return a damaged product?

To organise an exchange or refund for a damaged product, contact us at within 10 days of receipt of the damaged item(s) quoting your order number and we will guide you through the return or exchange process.

Can I exchange or get a refund for my online order in a store?

Products purchased online at can only be exchanged or refunded through our online store. The same applies to products purchased instore from one of our stockists. These can only be exchanged or refunded through the stockist where the items were purchased.

How long do I have to return an item?

90 days from the date of purchase (with the exception of damaged orders, please see above).

How long will it take for my refund to be processed?

Depending on the method of payment, it can take up 5-7 working days after approval for a refund to be visible in your account.

My Account

Do I have to register on the NEUÚ website to place an order?

No, you can place any order as a guest. If you wish to repurchase items you can save your personal and shipping details to your NEUÚ account for easier and repeat access.

How do I create an account?

You can create a NEUÚ account by going to Create Account page, input the required personal details and create a password. Click 'Create' to confirm and you’re done!

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Go to your NEUÚ account login page and click 'Forgot Password'. Enter your email address and we will send a link to the registered email address to reset your password.

What is NEUÚ's privacy promise?

When you provide personally identifiable information through our website, we respect your privacy. Only with your consent will we use your information to contact you about products and offers that may interest you. All customers have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving such information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Is my personal information safe?

Any personal information you provide will be securely stored in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988–2003 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

Will my credit card details be secure?

Your credit/debit card details are secured by SSL-encrypted technology and will never be stored online without your permission. NEUÚ is a safe and secure website and any personal information such as credit card details is private when sent to our website.

How can I unsubscribe from NEUÚ newsletters and marketing emails?

Click the unsubscribe button at the end of our newsletter and marketing emails. You will be redirected to a page confirming you have unsubscribed from our newsletter and marketing emails. You can also update your preferences through the settings in your NEUÚ account.

How do I register for NEUÚ newsletter?

Type your email into the 'subscribe’ box on the main web page. Once you are accepted you will receive only relevant (and not too frequent) communication from us in relation to special offers that might interest you and/or new product launches.

NEUÚ & Sustainability

What is the NEUÚ approach to sustainable packaging?

Our packaging ethos is sustainable and functional and is designed to have minimum environmental impact while at the same time maintaining product integrity and quality. Our objective is to keep to a minimum the amount of energy and raw materials used to produce our packaging and to establish circular practices that will help minimise waste and allow for the reuse of our packaging. As part of our commitment to sustainable packaging we offer products without external unit cartons where possible. NEUÚ Products are housed in fully reusable and recyclable amber glass vessels and where plastic is required to house certain products (such as those for use in wet areas) we are committed to using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). To minimise our packaging footprint further we also plan to offer some products in larger 500mL sizes with a screw cap in place of a pump for customers that wish to replenish their NEUÚ formulation at home.

What materials do NEUÚ use in its packaging?

We use a number of materials in our packaging, with due consideration given to ensure we choose the most appropriate material for each formulation and for our environment. As a result, NEUÚ products are primarily housed in amber-coloured glass vessels, a material traditionally used by the pharmaceutical industry for housing medicinal products given the dark colour of the glass offers contents a degree of UV protection thus minimising the need for preservatives. Where possible, we use glass packaging made from recycled content. For some formulations (such as those for use in wet areas) we use recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) plastic which provides a lightweight, durable and safe material for certain formulations. Where paper and cardboard are used in our packaging, we use stock that is recyclable.

How can I repurpose or recycle my NEUÚ packaging?

There are a number of ways to repurpose your NEUÚ packaging. Our jars are suited to be reused as storage containers for small household items. Our facewash bottles make pretty vases or vessels to house other household liquids such as oils. In the event you do not have an ongoing use for your NEUÚ container and have access to recycling services we recommend separating components and placing any unwanted glass, carboard and recycle PET containers into appropriate recycling bins or alternative recovery systems as these items are all commonly recyclable.

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We are always on the lookout for genuine brand ambassadors to join our tribe and help us to reach more people who could benefit from the natural healing and hydrating powers of our marine algae lipid products. If living a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way is something you are passionate about you then we would love to hear from you. Email

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