Sustainability. Our bedrock.

Our hero ingredient – seaweed – has a naturally low carbon footprint, requiring none of the usual inputs like freshwater, fertiliser or landmass to produce. Our ingredients are produced in a circular, zero-waste process in line with bioeconomy principles. Our packaging is sustainable and functional and is designed to have minimum environmental impact while maintaining product integrity and quality. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we offer products in a larger than standard unit size (100ml) using recyclable materials (primarily glass) and without external unit cartons.

Every decision is underpinned by the same sustainability ethos, to minimise the amount of energy and raw materials consumed to get our final product to its end user.



Ingredient-level innovation

NEUÚ product efficacy is driven by our patented marine extract, a potent blend of omegas (lipids) that is scientifically proven to reduce irritation and provide lasting hydration to even the most dry, sensitive skin. Lipids are the molecules that keep seaweed hydrated, protected and replenished in the harshest of conditions. These bioactive lipids are at the core of our promise that your skin will never need another!

Our patented extract is exclusive, so you won’t find a product like NEUÚ marine lipid moisturiser anywhere, globally. It is also vegan, naturally sourced and sustainably produced in a circular, zero waste process.


NEUÚ helps your skin by . . .

reducing inflammation which causes redness

promoting lasting hydration to relieve dry tight skin

strengthening the skins lipid barrier 

effecting a visibly healthier and more even skin tone

Loved by people with sensitive skin, and those without!

So why not try a NEUÚ approach to caring for your skin?

And choose a product that is

Scientifically validated with proof of efficacy, no fluff.

Made in Ireland with an innovative ingredient, as unique as your skin.

Clean and sustainable from development to end product, nothing wasted.

Performance guaranteed with a 30-day refund policy, no fuss.

Backed by science.

Marine algae contain 10 times greater diversity of compounds than terrestrial plants and produce a wide array of metabolites shown to possess anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and antiageing effects. (Marine Drugs, 2020)

Brown algae extracts have been found to absorb and retain moisture more effectively than hyaluronic acid, a skin-care ingredient known for its powerful humectant effect. (Intl Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2013)

Brown seaweeds contain more bioactive compounds than either red and green seaweeds and have the highest anti-oxidant values and highest total phenolic content. (Science Direct, 2019)


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