Our Story



pronounced new (adjective)

as in not existing before.


We are born from ingredient-level innovation.

Islanders on the edge of Europe, the Atlantic Ocean spans our western Irish coastline. It’s pristine waters provide an abundant and sustainable supply of organic marine algae, the life-source of our products. Two of us began this journey. Both problem-solvers, both entrepreneurial, one a scientist.

It started with the unexpected discovery of a rare lipid molecule.


One of the rarest Omega Essential Fatty Acids. We have discovered it in a marine algae extract we developed during our research and development phase. There it is, unexpectedly sitting in the midst of a number of scientifically interesting compounds, vitamins and minerals, all with known health benefits of their own.

But it is the rare Omega that has really sparked our interest. So off we set on a journey to explore some of the problems this powerful molecule might potentially help solve.


We talked with scientific experts around the world – a lot of them – who were actively researching the potential of this particular molecule in the development of drugs and therapeutics for a range of diseases. A central theme quickly emerged – inflammation.

So we then started to explore some of the most common and everyday issues linked to inflammation. Another theme emerged – skin.

So what could this algae extract do when topically applied to human skin? That was our moment.


Now at the risk of going a little zen on you for a minute. What is the NEUÚ journey all about? Well it’s not all that complicated, though it did take us a while to figure it out ourselves. We just want to help people feel good in the skin they are in by solving everyday skin issues in an effective, natural and sustainable way.

The essence of what NEUÚ represents is to achieve healthier skin by combining centuries old knowledge of the healing powers of marine algae with modern day science, helping you take your skin to a better place.


OK, not exactly, we still had some work to do.

We wanted to create something that would tackle everyday skin issues effectively and to do it sustainably, with exacting care for the environment we love.

After more than 4 years of research and development at our University lab, we have finally come up with what we believe to be the perfect skincare solution for people with dry, sensitive skin – and those without – and we call it NEUÚ, as in not existing before.