Our Story



pronounced new (adjective)

as in not existing before.


Our journey began in 2017 with little more than the idea of working with seaweed to create something of value that didn’t already exist. It helped that JJ is a renowned scientist and expert in the chemistry of our natural resources. It also helped that we both had first-hand experience of dealing with dry, sensitive skin. A shared passion for the west coast of Ireland, where we come from, meant we didn’t have to look far to find a sustainable resource that would ultimately become the cornerstone of a product to solve problems related to dry, sensitive and reactive skin. We hope our story inspires you to begin your NEUÚ journey today.

Susan Keating & Prof JJ Leahy | Founders


We are born from ingredient-level innovation.

Situated on the western coast of Ireland, the Atlantic Ocean spans our coastline. It’s pristine waters provide an abundant and sustainable supply of organic marine algae, the life source of our products. Two of us began this journey. Both problem-solvers, one a scientist, both passionate about untapping the potential of our extraordinary natural marine resources in a sustainable, planetfriendly way.

It started with the discovery of a rare lipid molecule.


One of the rarest omega essential fatty acids. We discovered this extremely uncommon molecule during a lengthy and sometimes jaw-griding research and development phase at our university-based facility.

Notably our extraction process delivers a complex range of compounds, minerals and vitamins from organic intertidal seaweeds, all of which have known health benefits in their own right. But it was the rare omega that really sparked our interest. So we set out on a journey to explore some of the problems this particular molecule might help us solve.


We talked with scientific experts around the world – a lot of them – who were actively researching the potential of this particular molecule in the development of drugs and therapeutics for a range of diseases. A central theme quickly emerged – inflammation.

So we then started to explore some of the most common and everyday issues linked to inflammation. Another theme emerged – skin.

So what could this lipid extract do when topically applied to human skin? That was our moment.


So how does it work? Our scientific process extracts a complex and patented blend of lipids, including a number of omega 3 essential fatty acids plus a rare omega 6 called DGLA (for short!). DGLA is a highly potent anti-inflammatory which together with the omega 3 molecules present is the mechanism that controls inflammatory activity and related irritation and redness, whether mild or moderate and whether caused by lifestyle stresses or other external factors.

NEUÚ marine lipids soothe and calm dry, irritable skin and strengthen the skins natural lipid barrier to keep skin healthy and hydrated all day long.


At the risk of going a little zen on you here, what is our mission? It isn’t that complicated, though it took us a while to figure it out ourselves. We want to help people feel good in their skin by solving some of the most common and often most challenging skin issues in a natural, non-medicated and sustainable way.

The essence of what we represent is to help you achieve healthier skin by drawing from centuries old knowledge of the healing powers of seaweed, combining that with our own scientific knowledge to produce a product that is highly effective and truly sustainable, no spin.


OK, not exactly, we still had some work to do.

We wanted to create something that would tackle everyday skin issues effectively and to do it sustainably, with exacting care for the environment we love.

After more than 4 years of research and development at our University based facility, we have finally come up with what we believe to be the perfect skincare solution for people with dry, sensitive skin – and those without – and we call it NEUÚ, as in not existing before.