Brand NEUÚ Founder's Story

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare Founder, Susan Keating standing in a pink jacket with seaweed extract in lab beside her


As someone with sensitized skin I wanted to explore the characteristics of seaweed from a scientific perspective to understand what protects seaweed from its harsh, salty environment; what gives it that extraordinary elasticity needed to survive the Atlantic Ocean; and how might we bring these benefits to life for sensitive + sensitized skin types.

A fortuitous introduction to a Professor JJ Leahy at the University of Limerick some years ago gave me an in-depth insight into the chemistry of Ireland’s natural resources - seaweed being one - and the concept for NEUÚ was born.

Together we set out to find ways to best capture and replicate seaweed’s unique hydration and elasticity capabilities in a way that hadn't been done before and apply those benefits directly to topical skincare. In 2018 we achieved our original mission which was to launch an innovative and highly functional offering to the skincare sector which we believe is just the beginning for NEUÚ.

Susan Keating - Founder & CEO