The Best Anti-Aging Life Hacks For Men In Their Forties

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Just because you're in your forties doesn't mean you have to give up on how you look. Follow these simple tips to help you look younger and feel younger too.

As most men know, there is a big difference between growing old and ageing gracefully. You may feel young on the inside, but you may not always look it on the outside.

Don’t be the guy wearing 'Dad jeans' (even if you are a dad, there's no excuse!). 

Follow the best anti-aging life hacks for men in their forties to help your outer appearance match how young you feel on the inside.

Dress To Impress

The clothes you wear are a very visible representation of who you are and how you want other people to see you.

A pair of fitted jeans with a check shirt or a t-shirt can help you look younger and more stylish.

For a more in-depth look at style for men, check out style icon Darren Kennedy for inspiration and tips, or follow him on Instagram for more of his everyday looks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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In much the same way that clothing is a reflection of you, what you choose to accompany your clothes in the form of accessories make an impact on the world too.

A classic watch, a cool pair of sunglasses or a sporty pair of sneakers can make you look younger and put together well.


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With the rise of the smartwatch, you can add some additional pretty amazing functionality including heart rate and fitness sensors.


Visit Your Barber

Whether you are in your twenties or your forties, your hair shouldn’t age you. Going with a modern or timeless hairstyle that suits your face best can take years off, while covering up any potential grey hairs will make you look younger and help you be more confident.

Plan to visit your barber every three to four weeks if you’ve got a short haircut will ensure you don’t look unkempt, and they can advise on which style would be best for you.
A shaved head can also be a very sharp look for men who aren’t blessed with luscious locks. If the hair on your head is thinning, embrace what nature gave you and consider shaving it off.



Look After Your Skin

Looking after your skin is so important at any age and is the key to helping you look younger. NEUÚ MEN Seaweed Skincare is very beneficial for your skin.

The potent formulation in NEUÚ products protects, restores and repairs your skin leaving it hydrated and more elastic for younger-looking skin.

From our NEUÚ Face Wash to cleanse your skin, to our NEUÚ Post-Shave Balm and NEUÚ Moisturiser for an after-shave glow, your skin will feel hydrated, smooth and supple.

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Get In Shape

As the saying goes ‘your health is your wealth’. If you look younger, you want to feel younger too and making sure to exercise regularly plays a big part in that. Going to the gym, swimming, actively engaging in your favourite hobby or sport, even going for a long walk will help you look and feel fitter.

Not only that, exercise will give you a boost of endorphins, it can relieve stress, it strengthens your heart and it boosts your immune system.

Before beginning any new exercise plan it is usually recommended that you visit your doctor to assess your physical wellbeing.


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Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is essential for your body to rest and rejuvenate after a long day, but did you know it is just as important to help you look younger.

A lack of sleep is one of the causes of dark circles under your eyes, so making sure you get a good sleep routine of 7-8 hours per night will help you feel well rested and full of energy while helping you look younger.

Not only will you look younger and feel better, but studies have shown that those who get into a good sleep routine of about 8 hours a night tend to suffer from heart disease and diabetes less than those who are deprived of sleep.

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Eat Healthy Food

The foods you choose to eat can affect your body and reflect your appearance, and not always for the better. For instance, sugary foods can cause acne on your face.

By eating a well balanced and healthy diet, you will feel healthier and look healthier too. Read more about how removing a few foods from your diet and making sure to include certain others can help you get healthy skin.


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Practice Mindfulness

Far from just a fad, mindfulness can help you feel less stressed, more relaxed and look younger. Mindfulness is known to help lower blood pressure while increasing the oxygen in your cells.

'When there's increased blood flow, it helps bring nutrients to the skin, and removes toxins, leaving a dewier, more radiant complexion’, according to dermatologist Jennifer Chwalek, M.D. Apart from its health benefits, mindfulness and regular meditation can help you look younger.  
















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Check out the inspiring Pat Divilly on Instagram for more uplifting quotes.


Do What You Love

The simple fact is, doing the hobbies or activities you love to do can help you look younger.

Whether it's a sport such as surfing or golfing, or just taking a walk in the countryside with a friend or your pet dog, you feel happier in yourself and that happiness can radiate into your appearance, helping you look and feel younger.

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By taking on board just a few of our simple life hacks, you’d be taking a big step towards feeling good both inside and out. When you feel young on the inside, you'll look younger on the outside.

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