Our Favourite NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser Reviews

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It’s just over a month since we launched our NEUÚ MEN Seaweed Skincare range and we’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback from all our customers.

So we wanted to share some of our favourite reviews with you to help show what makes our skincare range so special.

Where better to start than some customer reviews of our NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser, which has an amazing 5-star rating from the reviews to date.

Soft Skin & Seaside Nostalgia

A quote that reads: "I loved the subtle seaweed fragrance in the moisturiser, it's very nostalgic"

L Savage said: “I loved the subtle seaweed fragrance in the moisturiser, very nostalgic. My skin felt very soft after use!”

Unlike our competition, we don’t bleach or add chemical scents to our products, which helps maintain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so they can deliver the powerful effects you get from NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare.


No Irritation

Stefano Pappalardo wrote: “I found the moisturiser light and easy to apply on my face, compared to other brands. As the moisturiser is natural, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or cause redness or spots, compared to some other brands that I’ve tried.”

We’re glad your skin reacted well to NEUÚ products, Stefano! NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare founder Susan Keating suffers from sensitive skin, so creating a product that would be tolerated well was a top priority in developing our range of skincare products for men.


Noticeably Smooth Skin

A quote that says: "I had numerous friends comment on how smooth and fresh my skin has been looking

Jed McCarthy said: “My skin feels great after moisturising, it creates instant relief from tiredness and makes my skin feel smooth and look vibrant. Had numerous friends comment on how smooth and fresh my skin has been looking without them knowing I had started using a new product!”

The incredible benefits of seaweed extract and our other active ingredients help to even tone and hydrate skin to give It a smooth, healthy glow. After all, nourished skin is healthy looking skin.


The NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser bottle with the product box beside it

What Makes NEUÚ Moisturiser Special?

NEUÚ Moisturiser contains sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, oat kernel extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice and of course our hero ingredient, Ascophyllum Nodosum extract.

Our seaweed extract is rich in hyaluronic and alginic acids, lipids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals all working in synergy to prevent moisture loss and protect your skin against toxins. Protecting, repairing and restoring the natural epidermal barrier with NEUÚ Lipid Lock technology to deliver powerful hydration and elasticity.

Read more reviews to find out what else people love about our bestseller.

The NEUÚ Men Moisturiser with a clear plastic lid

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  • Hi All in NEUÚ,

    Hydrate moisturiser is a ski saver. I recently started to experience really sensitive skin which was bordering on eczema. I was nervous about using perfumed moisturiser in case it made it worse. Started using NEUÚ hydrate and it calmed it all down, especially the dry bumpy areas of my neck. Lovely consistency and dries to matte finish with no shine. Thanks to NEUÚ for helping. I’ll be recommending it to both men and women. Happy Christmas to all. Anne

    Anne Curtis on

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