How To Look After Your Skin & Help Clear Adult Acne

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Acne is the most common skin disease between men and women. ‘An estimated 80% of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 have acne outbreaks at some point’ according to the British Medical Journal. Adult acne continuing into adulthood is becoming a problem between both genders. Follow our top tips to help look after your skin and clear adult acne.

Make Sure To Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important way to help look after your skin and clear adult acne, as you can apply a topical home remedy which will help decrease the size of individual spots and reduce redness of each spot while you sleep. Essential oils such as tea tree oil or witch hazel, are very beneficial to help soothe your skin around the affected areas of your face.

 tea tree oil and witch hazel essential oils on towels, which will help clear adult acne

Change Your Diet

Changing your diet to eating more healthy foods can help look after your skin and clear adult acne. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water helps to flush out toxins in the body. Reducing intake of sugary foods can decrease the likelihood of acne.

Increasing the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon can be the secret recipe for healthy skin, while helping to clear adult acne.


Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Skin

Keeping your skin clean is the main way to look after your skin and clear your adult acne. Ensure that you cleanse your skin every night and exfoliate your skin once a week. NEUÚ MEN Face Wash and NEUÚ MEN Face Scrub are natural seaweed skincare products, ideal for cleansing your face, without irritating the skin.

 NEUÚ MEN Face Wash with glass jar of seaweed and mandarin orange can help clear adult acne


Our natural seaweed extract in our Face Wash is perfect for cleansing your skin and can help clear adult acne. Seaweed husk in our Face Scrub can gently exfoliate your skin without irritation.

 NEUÚ Face Scrub with seaweed in a glass jar and oats and seaweed powder can help clear adult acne


Get Daily Exercise

Exercise can help keep you in top fitness shape but can also help look after your skin and clear adult acne. Having a regular exercise routine of running or playing sport can offer stress relief, while getting the blood to circulate around your body.

While the blood is pumping around your body, it sends oxygen to your skin cells, which helps remove dead skin cells from your body.


Moisturise Your Skin

Keeping your skin moisturised is an important way to look after your skin and help clear adult acne. ‘Moisturizing is a very important part of skin care, including skin that is acne-prone, as hydration allows sebum build-up to loosen and clear the pores.’ according to dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick of the Sadick Dermatology Group .

Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, keeping your skin moisturised is a must in your skincare routine. NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser can calm and smooth your skin.

Our hero ingredient of seaweed extract contained in our moisturiser helps to repair, restore and protect the skins lipid barrier, while helping to clear your adult acne.

 NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser with grapes, aloe leaf, seaweed in glass jar, oats can help clear adult acne

You can look after your skin by eating well, getting enough sleep and regular exercise. When adult acne occurs, continue with your cleansing and exfoliating skincare routine. This can help look after your skin and clear your adult acne.


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