How Seaweed Can Help Reduce Redness Of The Face

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Rosacea is a skin condition that can affect up to one in ten people in the UK, according to Londerma. Seaweed can help reduce redness of the face. Even through redness and the condition of the skin can vary, there are treatments which will help soothe redness and benefit the skin. Seaweed is a well-known natural treatment that is gentle on most skin types. Read on to find out how seaweed can help reduce redness of your skin and treat rosacea.


Relieve the redness with anti-inflammatories

Seaweed is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which help to relieve redness, irritation and inflammation of rosacea. This means that the pooling of blood under the skin is reduced and broken skin vessels are no longer visible.

Apart from the viable signs of rosacea, any dryness, redness, razor bumps from shaving, burning sensation or irritation in the skin will be soothed.


 man with beard and facial hair suffering with skin irritation from razor bumps from shaving and needs to reduce redness of the face


Boost Your Skin With Antioxidants

Seaweed takes its nutrients directly from the sea, which means it can thrive in all weather conditions. This means that the vitamins, amino acids and minerals contained in seaweed are believed to be 10 times more potent than any land plant.

Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 help reduce redness, burning sensation and calm any itch of the skin. This is very beneficial with skin conditions like rosacea where skin can be very irritated and difficult to treat with most medical creams and lotions.


Give Your Skin The Moisture It Needs

If you suffer with dry, flaky or irritated skin, keeping your skin moisturised daily is very important. NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser is ideal to calm and smooth your skin. The hydrating effects of NEUÚ marine extracts prevent moisture loss and defend your skin and pores against toxins.

Our hero ingredient of seaweed extract contained in our moisturiser helps to repair, restore and protect the skins lipid barrier.


NEUÚ Moisturiser surrounded by ingredients of red grapes, aloe plant, seaweed in a glass, oats and seeds which helps to reduce redness of the skin


Strengthen Your Skin With Hyaluronic And Alginic Acids

Rosacea can cause your skin to become more fragile and thinner over time. As seaweed is a superfood for your skin, it helps to strengthen the skin’s natural, protective barrier and stimulate the renewal of damaged skin cells. With hyaluronic and alginic acids occurring naturally in seaweed they help to strengthen the skin’s connective tissue and attract moisture enabling the cells to lock in hydration. This allows the skin to fight off free radicals and protect skin from pollutants in the environment.

Seaweed extract can be easily absorbed into the skin, improving skin’s elasticity by quickly nourishing the skin and reduce redness.


Repair Your Skin With Polyphenols

Polyphenols in seaweed can prevent protein breakdown, which helps the skin repair itself. This promotes elasticity and improves the skins appearance and texture. A research article by Dr. Helen J. Fitton et al. of the University of Tasmania, Australia highlights how polyphenols in seaweed can aid skin immunity, soothing and protection from the environment and other causes of irritation of the skin, including rosacea.


polyphenols in seaweed help reduce redness of the skin 


While seaweed cannot cure the effects of rosacea on your skin, it can help to reduce redness of the face, soothe burning of the skin and repair and restore the skin’s lipid barrier. Seaweed is nutrient-rich, has anti-inflammatory properties and can repair your skin with polyphenols, naturally occurring in seaweed.

Our NEUÚ MEN Moisturiser can help repair dry skin and reduce redness caused by rosacea, thanks to our natural seaweed oil extract and powerful potent blend of Essential Marine Fatty Acids and Polyphenols, specially formulated to repair damaged skin and restore elasticity.

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