Here’s what sensitive skin consumers had to say after using NEUÚ moisturiser in an independent 7-day home-use trial

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Its been a year since we launched our NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare range and we have had positive feedback from our customers, especially those with sensitive skin.

In fact, we had some sensitive skin consumers trial our most popular product, our NEUÚ Moisturiser for 7 days. Here are some of the reviews they came back with, to help show why it is our most popular product in the range.


What the participants liked about the moisturiser:

One of the participants said: “I have recently had an allergic reaction to my regular anti-aging moisturiser which left my skin itchy, sensitive & blotchy. This new moisturiser calmed my skin, reduced the redness & blotches, relieved the itch within 48 hours of first use. I have applied it twice a day. It's non-greasy, has tightened my open pores, reduced deep lines between my eyebrows, tightened the skin under my chin and neck. General appearance of skin has improved.”


The active seaweed extract in our moisturiser helps to calm and reduce redness of the skin, while repairing the skin and improving elasticity.


Another participant said: “I liked the natural almost earthy smell. I liked that it didn't feel heavy or greasy and that it instantly relieved the areas on my face that feel "tight" after washing. It absorbed well and I didn't need to put any more on during the day.”


The hydrating effects of NEUÚ marine extracts prevent moisture loss and defend your skin and pores against toxins, so the skin keeps its elasticity throughout the day.


neuu moisturiser with grapes, aloe leaf, seaweed in a glass jar and oat kernel seeds as part of a home use trial for 7 days.


What changes the participants had noticed after using the moisturiser for 7-days:

One participant said: “Smaller pores smoother skin. My skin looks glowing with a more even skin tone. Skin actually feels and looks a bit tighter too in the week I’ve been using this, I haven’t bothered with any other make up apart from mascara and blusher - my skin has looked that amazing.”


NEUÚ Moisturiser is specially formulated to repair damaged skin, soothe sensitive skin, restore elasticity and prevent premature ageing.


“The redness on my face was greatly reduced especially on my chin which is the most noticeable. Dry patches on my face and psoriasis on my neck also cleared up since using the cream.” neuu moisturiser quote from particpant from home use 7-day trial



Another participant said: “The redness on my face was greatly reduced especially on my chin which is the most noticeable. Dry patches on my face and psoriasis on my neck also cleared up since using the cream.”


As NEUÚ Moisturiser is natural and gentle on the skin it can help relieve and reduce redness and irritation of the skin which is hugely beneficial for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema and can soothe sensitive skin.


What Makes NEUÚ Moisturiser Special?


NEUÚ Moisturiser contains sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, oat kernel extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice and of course our hero ingredient, Ascophyllum Nodosum extract.


Our seaweed extract is rich in hyaluronic and alginic acids, lipids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals all working in synergy to prevent moisture loss and protect your skin against toxins. Protecting, repairing and restoring the natural epidermal barrier with NEUÚ Lipid Lock technology to deliver powerful hydration and elasticity.


Read more reviews to find out what else people love about our bestseller.

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