9 Incredible Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Truly Appreciate

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Every year, you never know what the right gift for your Dad for Father’s Day is. Instead of the usual socks and tie, why not give your Dad a Father’s Day Gift he will truly love.


Keep Track of the Time

If your Dad still likes to wear a watch on his wrist, why not go for a designer watch. Watches from Watch & Wallets are stylish and timeless. The leather interchangeable straps can be swapped out in an instant for a mesh or NATO strap. Now your Dad will never be late for his appointments or lunches out.


Skincare While You Travel

If your Dad is prone to travelling a lot for work, then the NEUÚ Travel Gift Set may just be for him. The NEUÚ MEN Travel Gift Set is perfect for men on the go, with 75ml travel size bottles of: Hair & Body Wash, Shave Gel and Post-Shave Balm. Perfect for packing into a carry-on bag or checked suitcase.

NEUÚ Travel Gift Set featuring Hair and Body Wash, Post-Shave Balm and Shave Gel, surrounded by men's sunglasses, Irish passport and an iPad and earphones. The NEUÚ Travel Gift Set is the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day


Treasure Your Digital Photos

Like most people your Dad would take photos on his phone and then post them online for your friends and family to see. Then those photos just stay on the phone or laptop, where no one else will see them.

Treasure your digital memories in print by creating a photo album online via Photobox and have the completed album delivered to your door. Your Dad will appreciate the gift of sharing treasured memories as a keepsake.


Pursue His Passion

Has your Dad always wanted to take up a hobby such as golfing or surfing but doesn’t know where to begin? Or he has a hobby already but wants to turn it into a passion project.

Find out what his interests are and get your Dad a gift related to that interest, such as golf clubs or a surfboard. Your Dad will appreciate the thought and effort you put in to find the right gift for his interests.

man golfing on golf course swinging a golf club, which is the perfect gift for your Dad for Father's Day


Have a Feast

If your Dad is a foodie and wine connoisseur why not get him a personalised food hamper. There are many services online where you can choose from a selection of food and wine gifts to suit your Dad’s tastes. He will appreciate that your gift shows his love for good food.


Upgrade His Tech

Is your Dad a wizard with technology? Does he like to have the latest and greatest digital gadget to help simplify his life.  Why not get him a digital assistant such as an Amazon Echo Dot.

He can keep the Echo Dot in the house and it will keep track of his appointments, play music, even use a search engine, just by talking to the device. No touch screen or keypad required. Your Dad will appreciate that you have helped to simplify his life without touching a button.

Amazon Echo Dot surrounded by books and photos, which is the perfect gift for your Dad for Father's Day


Control His Stubble

If your Dad is the clean-shaven type, why not get him an electric razor. It will save him time in the mornings and the shave will be closer to the skin. He will appreciate that his manual razor and shaving foam can be firmly kept under the sink.


Improve His Coffee Experience

Does your Dad love a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Is he growing weary of the instant coffee in a jar? Why not treat your Dad to a Nespresso Coffee Machine for Father’s Day?

Coffee machines have become so sophisticated nowadays. It is just the next best thing to having barista made coffee and the machines are so simple to use that even a four year old could make the perfect cuppa. Now your Dad can truly saviour his morning cup of coffee to start the day.


Nespresso coffee machine with red coffee cup underneath, a coffee machine is the perfect gift for your Dad for Father's Day


Broaden His Mind

If your Dad is a fan of reading magazines or newspapers to keep up with current events or his interests, why not purchase a year’s subscription to his magazine or newspaper of choice.

They can be delivered to his door weekly or monthly. Your Dad will be able to enjoy his reading of choice without having to step outside the door to buy it.

Those are just a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts that your Dad would truly appreciate. Whatever his interests are, he will love that you gave him a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day especially for him.

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